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Thảm handmade cao cấp (CKH88)

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Cung cấp thảm dệt tay cao cấp dùng trang trí trong phòng ngủ, phòng ăn, phòng khách, phòng vui choi, phòng khánh tiết...

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Chia sẻ :
Cung cấp thảm dệt tay cao cấp dùng trang trí trong phòng ngủ, phòng ăn, phòng khách, phòng vui choi, phòng khánh tiết...

Thảm handmade cao cấp (CKH881)

Thảm handmade cao cấp (CKH882)

Thảm handmade cao cấp (CKH883)
Thảm dệt tay caocaos (Luxury Villa Handmade Carpet)

I.Product Advantage

  1. We can make any design with wonderful carving,we can make loop pile,cut pile or with silk inserting to become the colorful and shining carpet
  2. Fiber:100% Wool ,100% Acylic,100% Nylon,or other material or mix with the material you want to choose
  3. Color and Design: If you can’t find the good feeling from other carpet,the best choice is handmade carpet,our handmade can make any design and any color and any size for your most suitable choice for your life

II.Product Specification

  1. Material: Wool,Nylon,Acylic or other,also can blend with together
  2. Style: Handmade carpet loop pile/cut pile/hand carving
  3. Application: It’s widely used in conference room, banquet hall, luxury guestroom, luxury hotel bedroom, decorative villa and may high class place
  4. Pile Weight:2000g-5000g/m2,or as your request
  5. Pile Height:10mm-20mm
  6. Backing:Action backing or as your request
  7. Color:Chooing any color you like and we can also make the design according to what you need
  8. Size:Any Side for your choice
III.Packing and Container Loading
1. By Strong Polybag,or plastic bag or as your request
2.Container loading Capablity:20ft container can put 3500 squaremeter
IV.Delivery Term:30 days from the day we receive your deposit,but for stock item,we can make quick delivery for you
V. Quality Control
A) We have very serious and careful production supervisory control before and after making production
B) We will checking the different phase of production from the beginning.
C) Each step for quality be checked before packing.
D) Before packing,we’ll have worker to check each roll of carpet
E) We will do our best to avoid any problem will happen

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