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Thảm Axminster CK680

Mã sản phẩm: Tham-Axminster-HD680 Đăng ngày 25-07-2012 12:51:00 AM - 2377 Lượt xem

Thảm Axminster cao cấp lót sàn nhà. Axminster Carpet Flooring CK680.

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Chia sẻ :
Thảm Axminster cao cấp lót sàn nhà. Axminster Carpet Flooring HD 680.

Thảm trải sàn Axminster
1.Item NO.:  
2.Material: 80% wool & 20% nylon
3.Color: Colorful, up to 20 colors for choice,One design can up to 8 colors.
4.Pile Height: 7.5mm-10mm
5.Width: 3.63m
6.Length: 30m
7.Backing: Woven
8.Design: Amazing design,
  We can customize new design according to your exact projects.For this new design,it makes carpet much more beautiful,you can easily decorate indoor floor.
1.Good Sound Absorption
2.Air Cleanup
3.Keep warm in winter and prevent hot in summer
Use In:
1.Hotel Double Room,Delux Room
2.Restaurant Banquet Hall
3.Appartment Living Room
4.Office Director Room & Showroom

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